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Data use policy

World Love Index is a scientific project that provides the international community with a wide range of data on social love that you can download and use freely. Our data is a public resource and is released through this website in the form of a matrix attached to the graphics produced.


When using the World Love Index data (WLI), please, make sure that you included a proper citation/ reference to the WLI data-base as listed below. WLI data brought to you in free access is the result of work of a great number of researchers, and we believe their efforts should be acknowledged.

Citation format for WLI (2020) data-set:

G. Iorio, M. Palmieri, C. Iannaccone, S. Cataldi, V. Auriemma, S. Quarta (eds.). 2020. World Love Index, Italy: University of Salerno.
We also request users to send/email copies of any publications, papers, or reports that employ World Love Index data to
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